One Light Project came to light in the fall of 2020 after realizing the need to give back to the community. We saw that there was a dire need to give our time, wealth, and resources to brothers and sisters in need. That is why QC MSA, QC MEA, and QC NISA came together and started this project to cater to different problems and issues that exist in our communities, including the ones that our members bring to our attention. Thus far, we have collaborated with ICNA Relief, Hofstra University MSA, and York College MSA to distribute toiletries, food, and clothing packages in the Borough of Manhattan and parts of Long Island. Furthermore, we intend to expand the project and do more such as cleaning up public parks. Our mission is to unite all the youth from different clubs and organizations and get together to give back to our community. We have to remember we are one ummah, so let’s continue to have our One Light.

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